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March 23, 2018  Wind SculpturesAeroHelix    
AeroHelix - click an image to enlarge

The AeroHelix is our most popular mid-sized sculpture. The double helix design results in a "DNA-like" look that's mesmerizing even in a light breeze. The organic shape of the AeroHelix adds motion to your garden without calling too much attention to itself.


  • 48" copper mast
  • 16 ribs
  • your choice of AeroThings
  • mounted on a sealed precision bearing for silent rotation in even a slight breeze

Be sure to read more information about the sculptures, mounts and finishes on the “About the Sculptures“ page.

See the “Ordering Info“ page for more size details and current pricing.

Please specify mount type, finish (natural, clear coat or patina) and AeroThing design when ordering.

Available in other sizes, including the Giant AeroHelix:

  • 96" copper mast
  • 24 ribs
  • maximum 40" width
  • your choice of AeroThings
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